Like so many of you, we have spent the last several weeks learning about COVID-19, and how it is impacting the world. We want our customers to know that we are in this together, we are open for business and are still committed to serving you during these uncertain times.


  1. Allows you to focus on building your brand, marketing your business, building relationships with affiliates and clients alike, and more!

  2. Allows you to focus on increasing your sales instead of sitting at a computer all day.

  3. Allows you to scale your business with no limitations.  We can handle the processing of 50 clients or 500 clients regardless of how long it takes you to scale.

  4. No more trips to the post office, office supply store, etc.
  5. No need to study the FCRA, FDCPA, FACTA, FCBA, UCC, etc.
  6. Your client(s) will be updated/processed on time, every time


  • We dispute up to 25 negative accounts at a time per bureau (Equifax, Experian, Transunion)


  • We dispute directly with creditors and collection agencies (at our discretion, per client basis)

  • We mail/fax all letters (we do not dispute online)
  • Any accounts that are NOT being disputed will be flagged as unspecified.  This usually happens when a client has an account that is helping their score more than hurting their score.

  • We do not dispute account holding inquiries. Inquires are usually last per request


  • Uploading of clients credit reports and analyzing which negative accounts to report
  • Once the credit report is analyzed and negative items identified, we will create the  personalized dispute letters informing you and your client that dispute letters are being mailed
  • All clients sent to us for processing will be processed within 1 business day
  • Once the dispute letters are created/mailed, we will begin tracking your client for their next update. Updates are done every 32-33 days. When the client is ready for their update, we will refresh their credit report and update all changes in your software.  We will input their new scores, mark any accounts that have been deleted, add any new accounts that may have popped up, etc.  We will then process/mail their next round of dispute letters.
  • Attorney review of FCRA violations and FDCPA violations at no additional cost to you or your client


  • Enrolling & onboarding the client, and communicating with us when to process and/or cancel your client.  We make this process as simple as possible for you.  When you enroll a client, it is your responsibility to onboard them.  Gather their personal information, 2 forms of ID, and credit monitoring information.  Once the client is 100% ready to go for processing, email us. Once you send the client for processing, we will manage their processing dates for you.
  • All client communication is YOUR responsibility.  Diamond Outsourcing does NOT communicate directly with your clients in any way, shape, or form.**Note – Identification documents are at the discretion of the credit Bureaus and not Diamond Outsourcing.


  • Legally, we cannot guarantee any specific timeframe and/or results for your client.  Simply put, we are utilizing the same consumer protection laws that are available to you.  If an item can legally be removed from a credit report, we will either get it removed or refer it to an attorney.  We cannot delete accurately reporting information, whether negative or positive.

  • The timeframe in which a client is being processed is solely at the discretion of the credit repair company and not NA Financial Solutions. We will continue processing a client unless the credit repair company cancels the processing of the client.